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Pumping station for particularly high delivery heights

This pumping station is particularly suitable for extreme cases. Kilometre-long pipelines with delivery height of more than 100 meters are no problem.
First, a vertical screen separates the solids. Then eccentric screw pumps build up the necessary pressure to pump the wastewater.

Advantages of the system:
- The eccentric screw pumps are located in the dry area of the pumping station. Optimum conditions for continuous safe operation.
- Safety for service personnel: the pumps are easily accessible and positioned in a safe working environment.
- Safe pumping with an optimally set flow rate, even at delivery heads of more than 100 meters.
- Energy costs and power consumption are significantly lower compared to centrifugal pumps.
- High operational reliability thanks to multiple pump designs.
- Precisely adjustable flow rate

This pumping station is 100% prefabricated in the factory. The stable PE-HD shaft system enables quick and easy installation on site due to its low weight.

Pumpstation fuer besonders grosse Foerderhoehen 002 - große Förderhöhen
Pumpstation fuer besonders grosse Foerderhoehen 002 - große Förderhöhen
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