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Good accessibility of pumps and valves

Good accessibility for pumps and armatures in the pumping station is crucial for efficient work processes and maintenance. This is why our concept with a factory-installed suspended ceiling is an optimal solution.


By installing a suspended ceiling, we not only create safe working conditions, but also enable easy access to the valves and pumps.


Another major advantage is that the pumps can be easily pulled out in one piece, as the working platform serving as a false ceiling contains corresponding openings. This means that the pump room can always be reached at close range, even with large installation depths.


All in all, an ideal combination of high work safety and optimum working conditions thanks to the easy accessibility of all important components.

Gute Erreichbarkeit von Pumpen und Armaturen 1 - Gute Erreichbarkeit
Gute Erreichbarkeit von Pumpen und Armaturen 2 - Gute Erreichbarkeit
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