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Here are two of our successfully installed wastewater treatment plants in Kenya.

Photo 1+2:
This treatment plant treats wastewater from a paradisiacal seaside hotel in Mombasa. The maximum occupancy is 400 vacation guests. The SBR process of the treatment plant adapts fully automatically to the load fluctuations. The treatment plant is monitored by a modern control system with data link.

photo 5323466510485803133 y copy 300x225 - Kläranlagen in Kenia
photo 5323466510485803132 y 225x300 - Kläranlagen in Kenia

Photo 3+4:
This treatment plant is located in Tsavo West National Park at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. It treats the wastewater of up to 50 vacationers. It is absolutely impressive that this plant is located without fencing in the middle of the wilderness between elephants, giraffes and zebras.

photo 5323466510485803135 y 225x300 - Kläranlagen in Kenia
photo 5323466510485803134 y 300x200 - Kläranlagen in Kenia
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