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Corrosion resistance in pumping stations

In the top photo, a completely corroded pumping station, in the bottom photo, our system with a corrosion-resistant PE-HD shaft and stainless steel armatures

Why is corrosion resistance in pumping stations so important?
1. Longevity of the corrosion-resistant PE-HD shaft system and the stainless steel armatures.
2. Permanent stability of the shaft thanks to the corrosion-resistant interior made of PE-HD.
3. Permanent watertightness of the stainless steel armatures and the PE-HD shaft.
4. Reduced sludge deposits thanks to the smooth HDPE shaft material.
5. Gate valves and armatures remain permanently operable due to the corrosion-resistant stainless steel.
6. safe installation and removal of the pumps is possible at any time and permanently thanks to the corrosion-resistant pump feet.

Korrosionsbestaendigkeit in Pumpstationen 1 qjg4txt5xbwopmx034xaz1lf79d7qs92tb7sw8eany - Korrosionsbeständigkeit
Korrosionsbestaendigkeit in Pumpstationen 2 qjg4v51qnpjvjp672nm55qomizg3kv0qb984yym6pq - Korrosionsbeständigkeit
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