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Double-Walled Construction: Unmatched Watertight Security

Our Pump Stations DORANT and HEKANT exemplify the advanced engineering of double-walled construction. This innovative design incorporates a shaft system made from double-walled PE-HD spiral pipe, featuring a top and bottom plate also crafted from PE-HD with a steel-reinforced concrete core.

Why Double-Walled Construction?
The dual-wall structure offers unparalleled security for watertightness. Unlike traditional concrete shaft systems that rely on a single wall, our PE-HD shaft system ensures double the protection, effectively preventing leaks and contamination.

Key Advantages:
- Enhanced Safety: Double walls provide superior safety in drinking water protection areas.
- Environmental Protection: Essential for environments where water may contain harmful substances.

In essence, two walls are significantly safer than one, offering a robust solution for various applications demanding high levels of watertight integrity. 

Doppelwandige Konstruktion - Doppelwandige Konstruktion
Doppelwandige Konstruktion 1 - Doppelwandige Konstruktion
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