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Why Waterproofing is Crucial for Pump Station Shaft Systems

As experts in water and wastewater technology, we understand the importance of waterproof shaft systems for pump stations. Here are the main reasons:
1. Environmental Protection: Leakage of wastewater leads to environmental damage.
2. Efficiency: Infiltration of external water unnecessarily burdens treatment plants and sewer networks.
3. Energy Consumption: Higher energy consumption due to the unnecessary pumping of external water.
4. Maintenance Costs: Increased wear and tear on pumps due to sand and soil.
5. Durability: Damage to the shaft system due to leaks.
In our product range, we offer pump stations with shaft systems made of concrete and PE-HD.

Wasserdichtigkeit bei Pumpstationen entscheidend - Wasserdichtigkeit bei Pumpstationen entscheidend

The PE-HD systems in particular, provide the highest security and efficiency. Here are the key advantages:
- Seamless and factory-made in one piece: No weak points, no leaks.
- Perfectly waterproof material: PE-HD is unparalleled in its impermeability.
- Double-walled shaft construction: Additional security and stability.
- Leakage monitoring: Optional for maximum operational safety.

A waterproof shaft system is better for the environment and ensures a continuously safe operation. Our DORANT and HEKANT pump stations with PE-HD shaft systems are the ideal solution for long-term security and efficiency.

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