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The PE-HD pump shaft for maximum stability!

Our robust sump system, consisting of a solid composite of PE-HD and reinforced concrete, is strong against loads from groundwater, soil and traffic. Here are some key features in detail:

Truck-accessible cover:
The firmly welded connection between PE-HD and the reinforced concrete cover ensures that vertical forces are safely transferred to the manhole casing pipe, even for loads up to 60 tones.

Effective neutralization of horizontal forces:
The round design of the double-walled PE-HD spiral pipe enables optimum neutralization of horizontal forces from groundwater and soil.

Safe neutralization of vertical forces:
The base plate ensures effective neutralization of vertical forces from groundwater. The stability of the reinforced concrete slab prevents any bulging that could pose a potential risk to armatures.

Reliable prevention of buoyancy:
The strategically designed cantilever of the floor slab and the superimposed floor load effectively prevent buoyancy caused by groundwater.


Der PE HD Pumpenschacht fuer hoechste Stabilitaet - höchste Stabilität

Our team calculates an individual structural analysis for your specific installation situation. This ensures that the long-term stability of your pumping station is guaranteed. Rely on innovative technology for demanding requirements.

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