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Leakage Monitoring

Ensuring Total Watertightness: Advanced Leakage Monitoring in DORANT and HEKANT Pump Stations

Our pump stations, DORANT and HEKANT, set new standards in leakage monitoring, ensuring complete watertightness. The innovative shaft system is made from a double-walled PE-HD spiral pipe, with the tank bottom also double-layered. A sensor in the space between the inner and outer walls continuously monitors conditions and immediately detects any leakage.

Operator Safety:
Our double-walled PE-HD spiral pipes provide the ideal basis for effective leakage monitoring. This guarantees a 100% watertight shaft system for the operator, ensuring the highest safety and reliability in operation.


Leckageueberwachung - Leckageüberwachung

Three-Stage Watertightness:
1. Wall Construction: Watertight PE-HD
2. Double-Walled System: Added security with double-layered shaft construction
3. Leakage Monitoring: Continuous monitoring for guaranteed watertightness

Applications and Benefits:
- Protection of drinking water in water protection areas
- Prevention of pollution from harmful substances

Our technology represents environmental protection and reliable engineering that meets the highest standards.

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