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Optimizing small wastewater treatment plants for load fluctuations

Small wastewater treatment plants are often overwhelmed when it comes to load fluctuations, such as those that occur in hotels, restaurants, clubhouses and sports facilities. The solution? The addition of an overload storage tank! Why is an overload storage unit the ideal solution? In this example, we show how the overall system deals with short-term peak loads. peak loads: - Picture above: The small wastewater treatment plant runs at 100% capacity in normal operation. - Center image: Excess wastewater that exceeds the capacity of the small wastewater treatment plant is discharged into the overload storage tank. - Bottom image: In times of low load, the wastewater stored in the overload storage tank is returned to the small wastewater treatment plant. The advantages at a glance: - The small wastewater treatment plant remains in normal operation despite peak loads. - Ideal conditions are created for a stable treatment performance.

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