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Pressure Drainage VARIANT

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For inlet depths up to 1.96 m

For inlet depths up to 9.00 m


Pressure Drainage VARIANT

Kordes Pumpstation Druckentwaesserung Abwasser Variant Drucknetz 1024x453 - Druckentwässerung VARIANT

Pressure drainage is an ideal wastewater discharge option for single and multi-family houses in rural areas. Through a VARIANT pump station, all the wastewater is pumped unnoticed along the fastest route to the nearest wastewater treatment plant.

Cutting wheel pumps are the first choice for pumping small amounts of wastewater containing fecal matter. The cutting wheels shred all the larger components of the wastewater during operation, allowing the use of smaller pipe cross-sections. The pipeline network thus remains optimally protected against deposits and blockages.

The wastewater only remains in the closed pipeline network for a short time, so that rotting processes and odor emissions cannot occur. Pressure drainage is ideal, especially for longer distances and difficult topographical conditions. Following the course of the terrain, differences in altitude can be overcome without any problems.

The investment and operating costs of pressure drainage are often significantly more economical compared to gravity sewer systems.

VARIANT pump stations are equipped with the non-return ball valves and reliably protect your property against backwater from the public network.