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Safe and efficient wastewater solutions: Our DORANT and HEKANT pumping stations

The problem of extraneous water ingress is a frequent and costly issue in water and wastewater technology. Extraneous water can lead to considerable disadvantages, including
- Higher energy costs
- Greater pump wear
- Increased maintenance and servicing costs
- Increased load on the downstream sewer network and sewage treatment plant
- Reduced maximum capacity of the water volume to be pumped
- Lowering of the groundwater level and possible structural damage

Our DORANT and HEKANT pumping stations offer a reliable solution. The shaft system of these pumping stations consists of three parts that are welded together to form a seamless and absolutely watertight overall system. This effectively prevents the ingress of extraneous water and ensures a high level of operational safety.

Sicher ohne Fremdwasser - Sicher ohne Fremdwasser

Why is a watertight shaft structure so important? Joints in conventional systems are weak points where extraneous water can enter. Particularly in pumping stations that are deep in the groundwater, there is constant high water pressure. A leaking joint can quickly lead to an uncontrollable flow of water. Our seamless systems offer the perfect solution here. A watertight system such as DORANT and HEKANT is safer, more efficient and more cost-effective in the long term. The advantages are obvious:
Ein wasserdichtes System wie DORANT und HEKANT ist sicherer, effizienter und langfristig kostengünstiger. Die Vorteile liegen auf der Hand:
- Reduced energy costs
- Longer pump service life
- Less maintenance required
- Less strain on the sewer network and sewage treatment plant
- Maximum efficiency when pumping water

Our innovative solutions not only contribute to the efficiency and safety of your projects, but also to the conservation of resources and the sustainable use of infrastructure.

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